Seek is an atmospheric and terrifying game.
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We recently released a new playable demo, and can't wait to share it!

We haven't been sitting still at all! We added multiple new gameplay elements, levels and expanded the story line for the demo, so you can enjoy more content before we release everything.

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In the age of Enlightenment, Damien, husband and father, is returning to his homevillage of blackmill after receiving a letter from his wife. Upon arrival he discovers that everything seems abandoned. Fearing for his family he enters the village and searches for clues of the events that have occurred there.

What is Seek?

Seek is an indie survival horror game played from a first-person perspective. A game in the style of Amnesia, Outlast and Cry of Fear, where exploring and avoiding monsters is key. The game is developed in Unreal engine 3 by an independent game development company located in Alkmaar, The Netherlands. Seek is currently in alpha and changes may occur to the final product.

Some of Seek's media


Prologue: a strange awakening

A small gust of wind flew across Damien’s face, he opened his eyes and looked around
“Where am I?” Damien said to himself, as he looked around. He was standing on a small grassy road in the middle of the night. Small lanterns were hanging across both sides of the road, where trees were scattered across all sides. The sky was completely dark, no stars, moon, or clouds to be seen. He could only hear the sound of leaves softly waving in the wind. Disorientated, he slowly began to move forward.
“How did I get here?” Crossed his mind while he looked up to the sky, “I have no memories of this place." Damien's mind was all vague, as he could not remember a thing. He looked down the path, and a mountain could be seen in the distance. As Damien walked down the path, the mountain grew in size. The path was leading to a small cave, hidden behind boxes and barrels.“What is this place?” Damien said to himself as started removing the objects. There was a tight opening, which appeared not to have been created by humans. The ground was moist, as he heared raindrops dripping from stalactites. He noticed a light flickering far away in the cave and wind drafted past him, indicating that there was an other end. The atmosphere made Damien feel uncomfortable. It was like something was lurking for him somewhere deep within the cave. Damien was hesitating before entering. He looked around, hoping to find a different path. There was nothing.

He took a deep breath and entered the cave...

The people behind Seek

Attic Box Studio is a game development studio founded by students from several universities in the Netherlands. These students practice different courses representing different roles in our studio such as; game development, game artist, business & IT management, web development and sound design. Attic Box Studio strives to create games that go beyond ordinairy games. We aim to create experiences with new engaging worlds, enchanting stories and thrilling adventure.