Seek is an intuitive and terrifying game. Be prepared.

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In the age of Enlightenment (1700-1800), Damien, husband and father, is returning to his home village after receiving a letter from his wife. Upon arrival he began to experience hallucinations and memory loss. Fearing for his family he enters the village and discovers horrifying truth...

What is Seek?

Seek is an indie survival horror played from a first-person perspective. Seek is an adventure game in the style of Amnesia, Outlast & Cry of Fear. Seek is developed by an independent video game company located in Alkmaar, The Netherlands. Currently in alpha, seek has entered the green light program from steam.

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Prologue: a strange awakening

A small gust of wind flew across Damien’s face; Damien opened his eyes and looked around.
“Where am I” Damien said, as he looked around. Damien was standing in the middle of a small grassy road in the middle of the night. Small lanterns were hanging on fences across both sides of the road. Trees were scattered across the sides, waving softly with the wind. The sky was completely dark, no stars moon, or clouds to be seen. Damien could only hear the trees waving with the wind and the iron lanterns dangling on the wooden fences, but besides that, the area was completely silent.
“How did I come here?” Damien thought while he looked up the sky, “I have no memories of this place.” He said. Damien’s memories were all vague and couldn’t figure out anything. His whole life was a mystery, all black and clouded. Damien looked down the road and saw it led to a small mountain in the distance; it was large and the only one standing in the area, the rest was all flat no other object to be seen. As Damien walked closer, the object became clearer. A small cave appeared in the mountain. “What is this place?” Damien spoke to himself. Damien felt he had to enter it. As if something was him. The cave all dark and was difficult to see. It had a large opening, and it seemed it was not made by people. The ground was all moist and small raindrops where dripping from stalactites in the cave. The cave was not lit, unlike the small road. Covered in darkness, the cave showed no end. A deep echo was heard from the cave, the wind flew through the cave indicating that there was another end. The deep echo made Damien uncomfortable in front of the cave. It was like something was lurking for him there, somewhere deep within the dark cave. Damien hesitated before entering, but the feeling that something was waiting for him at the end of it wouldn´t go away. Damien took a look behind, looking around one more time. The road let only to the cave, and there was nothing else to see. Only the road and the cave, everything else was completely dark, not a single object was seen in the distance.

The people behind Seek

Attic Box Studio was founded in 2013 as a game development studio by students from several colleges in the Netherlands. Students practice different courses representing different roles in the studio, including, game developer, game artist, business & IT management, web development and sound design. Attic Box Studio strives to create games that go beyond simple games. We strive to create experiences that show new engaging worlds with enchanting stories and thrilling adventure.